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Acupuncture has been in use for around 2000 years. It was first discovered in China. The chinese believe that we all have energy lines running through our body along which our life force or Qi(Chi)flows.
When we are in good health the Qi flows uninterrupted. If we are unwell the reverse happens. So it is all about balance and getting the flow of energy running correctly.

Western society views acupuncture differently. The western view is that placing a needle into the skin causes pain message flow to be interupted.
As a result the message of pain does not get transmitted to the brain. Pain is therefore no longer percieved and experienced.

Only physiotherapists who have passed a recognised course in acupuncture are allowed to provide acupuncture treatment. They are regulated by the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP).

Paula is a long standing member of the AACP since 2002 and will be very pleased to discuss any aspect of acupuncture on request.

 If you want to know more please give me a ring and i will be happy to answer all your questions. Phone me on 01856 851036 or 07815765031.

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Acupuncture can treat a variety of symptoms.

Image: acupuncture needles in situ in patient's back

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