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Conditions we Treat

A wide range of orthopaedic conditions can be treated by physiotherapy.

Common symptoms which can be treated include pins and needles or numbness which can be found in the hands or arms and even down the legs.

Headaches and dizziness may originate from the neck and these can be treated by spinal mobilisation.

Neck pain or whiplash following car accidents cause a variety of symptoms which can be treated with exercises, stretches and mobilisation.

Back pain, including sciatica, both chronic and acute onset, can be helped by a variety of techniques which include:
Exercise, self help advice, massage and mobilisation/manipulation.

Sports injuries including sprains and strains, calf strains, achilles tendonitis and knee pain can all be helped with physiotherapy.

Tennis elbow or golfers elbow as well as other over use injuries can be helped by acupuncture, strapping and deep tissue massage.

Computer use all day can lead to aches and pains in the arms and hands, as well as pins/needles and numbness.
Assessment and advice on workstation positioning can reduce symptoms.

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